Sports provide people throughout the Tampa Bay area with a great way to exercise and stay healthy. However, engaging in sporting events can also lead to injuries. Get orthopedic and sport rehabilitation treatment for common injuries from Sports Injury and Physical Therapy by calling (727) 308-5446.

#1: Breaking a Bone

Bones break when they get exposed to a sudden force. Any sporting activity – even running – can lead to a broken bone. Most people realize right away when they break a bone. Symptoms often include pain, tenderness, swelling, and deformation of the area under your skin.

Orthopedic and sport rehabilitation treatments help with this injury.

#2: Dislocating a Joint

Your bones fit against each other at your joints. Sometimes, a hard impact can knock the end of a bone out of place, causing a dislocation. Dislocated shoulders are one of the best-known examples of this kind of injury, resulting in swelling and extreme pain.

#3: Spraining a Ligament

Have you experienced pain and swelling around a joint after twisting a limb or falling awkwardly while playing sports? If so, you may have had a sprain. Sprains occur when an athlete tears or pulls a ligament around a joint, such as an ankle or knee.

#4: Straining a Muscle

Some patients confuse a strain and a sprain. Sprains involve damage to a ligament; strains, on the other hand, result from damage to a muscle. Many people experience a strain if they overextend a muscle, leading to a tear or stretch.

Treat Common Sports Injuries in Tampa Bay

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