Before beginning the therapy program, patients get an easy-to-understand explanation of the evaluation and therapy process and how their program helps with injury or pain. 



Each patient’s program is based on three key elements: our evaluation; the doctor’s/therapist’s recommendations; and the patient’s needs/goals. As the patient progresses, his day-to-day treatment protocol is continually adjusted, as is the at-home therapy program.


Pain Relieving Modalities

The center uses a variety of the latest pain relief techniques such as manual mobilization, electrical stimulation, ultra sound, traction and iontophoresis.

Exercise Machines

Strengthening equipment and popular cardiovascular devices help the team match patient needs and abilities with recovery goals. The center incorporates equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, stairsteppers, upper and lower body bicycles and devices for balance and proprioceptive training.

Therapy Should Be Fun

The center provides educational charts, fitness and nutrition magazines, television and relaxing music to enhance the rehabilitation experience.

“Using the best tools is essential” says Carmine. “But the interpersonal component, positive reinforcement and constant encouragement, is equally important. We want our patients to enjoy their rehabilitation experience and get well at the same time. Patients are like our extended family. Many even become friends and keep in touch.”


  1. Referral From Physician
  2. Insurance Card
  3. Photo ID
  1. Name of Auto Insurance Company
  2. Date of Accident
  3. Claim Number
  4. Copy of Auto Insurance Card
  5. Attorney Information, if Applicable

Please have a parent of guardian accompany the minor to their visit. However if a parent or guardian is unable to do so, please provide the office, at least 24 hours in advance, with a letter of consent to authorize treatment along with their client intake forms signed and dated.


  • I have been seeing Dr. Carmine for about a month for my back pain. When I say I haven’t felt this great since before my accident that is not an understatement. He has worked wonders so far in under a month. I highly recommend coming here if your having any sort of pain. I can’t lie to you, the work you put in outside of the office is crucial. You have to be consistent to see progress. Overall 10/10 experience

    thumb Jawad Hamed
    March 15, 2022

    Carmine came highly recommended from my knee surgeon. Oh my goodness am I glad I picked him. He has a small suite and you get tons of personal attention between him and his staff. So I put my trust in Carmine and 4 1/2 weeks later I’m pain free and playing tennis! He gave me at home exercises to do. He answered honestly any and all questions that I had. He’s available via text as well for the quick questions. Not to mention that the same people that go for PT the same time as myself become this little family. It was great experience and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who needs PT!

    thumb Jennifer Gibson
    April 20, 2022

    5-STAR Care!! In my 60 some years of injuries and rehabbing from them (at least 12 different facilities) Carmine and his Team are the BEST. No, he doesn't pay for his customer's to write positive reviews. This team makes you feel welcome, comfortable and confident they are doing the best for each individual coming in the door, each time. I usually dread going to PT, but they make it fun, friendly and informative each visit. I appreciate the great communication, feedback, and attention to what I am telling them each visit. It makes me feel confident I am receiving the top notch service I want to heal and strengthen my injury, so I can get back to doing what I enjoy. You will not be disappointed by coming here for rehabilitation.

    thumb Dale Fasenmyer
    April 19, 2022
  • Carmine and his whole team are all outstanding! I highly recommend!! I went in for physical therapy as a conservative approach to treat long-term tendinitis in my elbow and subsequent shoulder pain from overcompensating. I had been dealing with this pain for over 2 years and had tried cortisone shots as well as following an exercise routine on my own, none of which helped. However, working with Carmine over the last 6 weeks has helped me dramatically! I have no pain in my elbow or shoulder, have been able to gain strength again, and I’m finally aware of the actions I was performing that were flaring up my pain. In addition to all of this, the environment is warm and friendly and fun! I felt like I became part of their work family, and I’m actually going to miss seeing them all!

    thumb Kelly Kipnis
    April 18, 2022

    Love Carmines’ professionalism! He takes his time to talk with you and explain the nature of your injury and his game plan for recovery. I saw immediate improvement on Day 1. I’m looking forward to continuing my treatment plan for a complete recovery. The staff is super nice also and very accommodating. I highly recommend their services for your physical therapy! You want be disappointed!

    thumb Trina Hizine
    February 9, 2022

    Absolutely the most professional, knowledgeable yet friendly medical related office I’ve ever been to. Carmine takes you where you are starting, is always honest in your progress and in what you can expect to realistically achieve. This is in a very supportive and encouraging way and I totally appreciated his realism. I can’t imagine a rehab practice being more successful. Carmine’s style treats each person and the case totally individually rather than here’s what’s being rehabilitated so do this…he takes all factors into consideration. Ditto to each person in his practice-knowledgeable warm and helpful. Many thanks!

    thumb Barbara Weyman
    April 4, 2022