Did you sustain an auto injury after a car accident in the Tampa Bay area? If so, consider the benefits of physical therapy for your recovery with our team at Sports Injury and Physical Therapy. Contact us at (727) 575-7117 to speak with a member of our healthcare team.

#1: Improved Recovery with Therapy

Physical therapy allows patients to recover faster from an auto injury. Medical professionals confirm that physical therapy:

  • Strengthens muscles
  • Improves patient’s range of motion
  • Reduces the long-term impact of an accident

In many situations, physical therapy improves the results of medical care, like surgical procedures. Therapy gives you a chance to reach your point of maximum recovery.

#2: Avoidance of Secondary Injuries

Car accidents often leave patients weakened and with serious injuries, like broken bones, that make it harder to stay mobile. Some patients end up falling and injuring themselves further during their recovery from an accident.

Regular physical therapy limits the odds that you’ll experience another injury.

#3: Reduced Need for Medication

The injuries associated with a car accident often leave patients dealing with a lot of pain. Many individuals worry about developing a dependency on opioid painkillers. Physical therapy provides you with a natural way to reduce pain, allowing you to avoid over-reliance on pain-relieving drugs.

#4: Improved Mental Health

Serious injuries impact your mental health along with your physical wellbeing. Many patients feel stressed or even depressed after an accident. Partaking in physical therapy gives you a chance to build up your mood, allowing you to feel better emotionally.

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