Physical therapy is not everybody’s first choice of treatment in the wake of a personal injury. Often, victims who suffer from a personal injury will prefer surgery, oral medications, or other “conventional” treatments, believing that they are the faster solution to healing their symptoms—but the result is usually the opposite.


Many primary care physicians will refer their patient to a physical therapist as the first course of action because it’s effective, minimally intrusive, and offers many other benefits like:


1. Pain Management


Chronic pain and suffering is an all-too-common symptom of personal injuries. Fortunately, many physical therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise regimens restore the normal function of your muscles, soft tissues, or joints—and the result? Less aching pain and discomfort.


Patients who regularly perform their prescribed exercises may even prevent their symptoms from resurfacing.


2. Mobility and Balance Improvement


It’s normal for people to have trouble getting back on their feet after a serious physical injury. Your mobility and range of motion may become restricted, making everyday activities like eating, typing, or balancing your body challenging—but physical therapy can help.


Therapeutic exercises can improve coordination and movement, restore mobility, and help improve your quality of life.


3. Injury Prevention


One key aspect of physical therapy is evaluating the weak points in a patient’s body and developing a regimen that strengthens these vulnerable areas. Physical therapists are trained to recognize areas of skeletal and muscular weakness, calculate the likelihood of new injuries, and treat them before they occur.


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Physical therapy after a personal injury can do wonders for your health. Even when you don’t think you need additional assistance, there’s no harm in consulting with your doctor because physical therapy prevents the need for invasive treatments like long-term oral medications and surgery.


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